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This sleek single-cup coffee maker by Keurig will help the accountant in your life power through those busy season deadlines. With a full-color touch screen interface and adjustable and programmable brew temperature settings, this model is the workhorse an accountant needs. This little fidget toy cube features finger-sized activities on all six sides. The perfect gift idea for the wiggly, fidgety accountant or CPA to de-stress after working on your taxes. Best friends rarely compliment each other’s skill as often as you’d like. If you have that kind of relationship with your accountant friend, then please don’t neglect this hilarious shirt and consider buying it.

Show your appreciation to your favorite number cruncher with one of these gifts. If a gift is paid for by an individual and not reimbursed by the university, then that gift is not reportable by the university. Only customers who have actually bought this product can give ratings and leave reviews.

Best Gifts For An Introvert In Your Life

The USPS will either use their 1 to 3-day priority shipping or their 2 to 5-day first class shipping. One option could be wall art or decoration to give the office some style. A low-maintenance indoor plant can not only enhance the feel of the office environment but also improve the quality of the air. If the accountant in your life spends long hours in a drab office all day, getting them something to help perk things up could be a great CPA gift idea. Each milk or dark Belgian chocolate bar is packaged in a 1040 Form wrapper with matching artwork engraved in the chocolate bar, making tax time as sweet as can be.

Tax Season Gifts

The sign is made of aluminum, which will not rust and will provide years of enjoyment indoors and outdoors. You have the option to use any street designation you want on your signs. Coffee and drinks can be kept hot for hours with the vacuum-sealed double-wall thermal insulation in the cup. To protect the hydro seal, wash your hands with soap and water. It comes with a clear lid with no spills, and a sweat-free coating to keep your drink from dripping.


The hand-stamped initial charm on the bangle is from the silver-tone alloy abacus charm. If your CPA is a coffee aficionado, they may also want their own grinder and an option to make coffee in different forms, like a percolator, French press, or even an espresso maker. If the CPA in your life has an adventurous side, they may appreciate a gift to help them explore that further. Would they be open to a sky diving adventure or a mountain bike tour? This is another scenario where a gift certificate to a local spa could come in handy. It can be midnight on April 14, and your accountant will be getting the best night’s sleep they’ve ever gotten with this mask on.

  • The saying goes “sharing is caring” and Uncle Sam will look the other way up to a point.
  • Moreover, it is essential to note that the gift tax system is separate from the estate tax system.
  • He or She will love to look at it and enjoy the laughter it creates.
  • The black sign features a funny message that is sure to make your accountant smile.
  • Call it #ThrowbackTaxDay with this watch on your accountant’s wrist.
  • Spouses are not allowed to file a joint gift tax return, they much each fill out their own forms if they have made a gift of over $15,000.
  • If they’d rather break things from a distance, they could be into axe throwing, archery, or a shooting range.

Whether they happen to be longtime CPAs, recent graduates , or retirees, there is something here for every single one of them. Take a look at our list below and make a choice that will get that number cruncher feeling like the lifesaver they are (because without them, we would be totally lost!). Sleeping is probably the only time when your friend won’t ever be reminded of the tax season. However, you can prank them more by buying this hilarious sleeping sock.

Accountant Note

However, if the parent gives $15,000 to each child, they would not owe any federal gift tax and may be able to reduce their estate’s potential estate tax. A good place to begin is by picking items that will help them to be more organized and efficient in their work. For example, a stylish planner or desk calendar can make a great gift.

  • The annual exclusion is per recipient and not the sum total of all that you give per year.
  • They often have a strong interest in numbers and enjoy working with data.
  • Here are a couple final gift ideas that your CPA can put to use right away.
  • Keep in mind that in these situations the person giving the gift has to pay the gift tax, rather than the person receiving the gift.
  • As an example, this pet rock can make an accountant forget about all the troubles in their work.
  • Our candles are made with cotton and are in a jar with a pewter lid.

If your accountant is working late nights during tax season, they’re not going to have time to make healthy meals at home. Consider getting them a gift card to a food delivery service or just checking in with them and setting up the delivery yourself. They’ll appreciate a scrumptious meal coming straight to their office. That would be $4,000 above the annual exemption, which will need to be reported to the IRS. If you haven’t surpassed the lifetime exemption, then no worries.

No one offers more ways to get tax help than H&R Block.

You could also set them up with a brewery or wine tasting tour. If your account is more of a cocktail person, perhaps you could find them some new cocktail mixing supplies or even a class to take their cocktail-making skills to the next level. These are all good gifts for accountants who like to unwind with a drink now and then. We truly admire the people who have the time, patience, and wherewithal to tackle their own taxes. Give them a glass that adds a touch of humor to their daily wine session, and even the grumpiest accountant will have a reason to smile.

  • Just remember that accountants are people too, so go easy on your CPA this time of year.
  • All candles come adorned with one of a variety of RANDOM pewter charms, which are tied on with jute cording.
  • While there are plenty of accountant-specific ideas out there, keep in mind that accountants are people too.
  • The sign is perfect for a sports team, school or organization.
  • Choose from a variety of designs and add a personal message to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work.
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