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You can, however, switch your business’s account from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online without losing your data. Launched in 1983, it was originally aimed at individuals looking to manage their money better. If you made a one-time software purchase of QuickBooks Desktop, support for the 2021 edition will end in May 2024. For 2020 copies, support ends in May 2023, and for 2019 copies support has already ended, according to QuickBooks. Unlike QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Online is not as suitable for recording complex transactions. While convenient for small businesses and businesses with lower capital, QuickBooks Online definitely has its limitations.

  • You can migrate your business and payroll data to QuickBooks Online and keep a copy of the original file for your records.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise is designed for large businesses or small enterprises and starts at $1,410/year.
  • It offers more integrations, as well as a much smoother integration process that allows you to access third party apps directly within QuickBooks Online without the need to sync applications or import data.

In this case, your business could benefit from the rich selection of features included in QBD. QuickBooks Desktop (formerly known as simply “QuickBooks”) is a version of the accounting software that is installed on an individual desktop computer and primarily used by one person. Businesses have relied on QuickBooks Desktop for decades, and many professional accountants are intimately familiar with the program. Updated versions are released each year, with new features and functionality added annually. Plus includes inventory accounting that allows you to monitor stock items and quantity—a necessity if you’re selling products. It uses first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory tracking, an essential feature that helps manufacturers or retailers determine how their inventory affects their profitability.

QuickBooks Self-Employed vs QuickBooks Simple Start

According to in-depth research reports from Gartner and Forrester, QuickBooks Desktop often scores higher points than QuickBooks Online when it comes to advanced features and industry-specific functionalities. And once a job is completed, each of the line items and charges that appear on an invoice will automatically sync to your QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop account. QBO was designed to be user-friendly to the end user not to the accountant. The screens an accountant is used to seeing are still there but hidden and not as easy to find.

Meanwhile, QuickBooks Desktop allows you to set up classes, but you can’t track your income and expenses by location. You must purchase additional licenses if you want to access it on multiple computers. While you can add cloud access to QuickBooks Enterprise, it involves an additional fee. Offers four plans to accommodate a range of businesses with different needs; each plan limits the number of users, though.

  • No need to worry if you skip one; you can always go back and add it at a later date.
  • This is a tie since both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop offer users the same support options.
  • QuickBooks Desktop is on-premises accounting software with optional remote access through an internet connection.
  • QuickBooks Online is praised for its mobility, ease of use, feature selection, time-saving automations, and integrations.
  • QuickBooks Desktop, on the other hand, is highly customizable and suitable for small to large-sized businesses with advanced requirements.

This means it’s “harder” to use because QBO is honestly more complicated than QuickBooks Desktop. First, QBO is secured by 256-bit encryption, which is bank level, military-grade data encryption, also the most advanced on the consumer market. Second, your data isn’t just stored on one server at one time, it’s stored all over the world on multiple servers and is only parsed together when you confirm the login through email or text message. Despite the many advantages offered by QuickBooks Online, for some business, QuickBooks Desktop might make more sense. If you’re interested in getting started with QBD, head over to their website and pick the plan that’s most appropriate for your business. If you want a dedicated expert to handle your ongoing bookkeeping work, you can sign up for QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping, available in Simple Start and all higher plans.

Why You Can Trust Fit Small Business

QuickBooks Online is generally easier to use than QuickBooks Desktop as it has a more streamlined user interface. QuickBooks Online files are also easier to share because you only need to invite a ProAdvisor to your company file, and they’ll have 24/7 access to your books. While QuickBooks Online offers many integrated apps, we believe there are only a few that stand out. Explore our list of the best QuickBooks Online integrations for different business purposes.

QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop 2024

In both QuickBooks Online and Desktop, you can assign costs to your inventory items and track the quantities sold to calculate the cost of goods sold (COGS). QuickBooks Desktop has a more dated user interface than some cloud-based products and requires prior accounting knowledge to get the most out of the product. You can download a 30-day trial version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise only—both the Premier Plus and Pro Plus plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, but no free trial. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial with QuickBooks Online. Just know that doing so waives your option to get 50% off your QuickBooks Online subscription for your first three months. Unlike QuickBooks Online, Desktop Pro includes built-in inventory management.

Cons of QuickBooks Online vs Desktop

Assisted migration results may vary based on business complexity and file size. Terms and conditions, features, support, pricing, and service options are subject to change without notice. QuickBooks Online (QBO) is the cloud-based, online version of accounting software provided through a monthly subscription pricing plan. QuickBooks Online offers upgrade options and integrates with many add-on third-party apps to increase functionality. QuickBooks Desktop is on-premises accounting software with optional remote access through an internet connection.

Here, we’ll detail everything you should know about the two versions, including their core functions, pricing tiers, hosting location, extra features and latest updates. No, QuickBooks offers users smart and efficient methods of recording transactions that minimize overhead costs. Although a bit complex when starting out, QuickBooks offers users an easy and effective way to record transactions, expenses, and revenue with only basic knowledge.

All QuickBooks Enterprise plans are available only via monthly or annual subscriptions, depending on your plan. However, please note that access to add-on services will be discontinued for all QuickBooks Desktop software after May 31, 2023. How much you’ll pay for each service depends on the service tier you buy. Before the launch of QuickBooks Desktop 2022, the QuickBook products were available as a one-time purchase.

This comprehensive comparison of the features — and limitations — of QBD versus QBO will help you understand what each of these options can bring to your business. The ability to send invoices and manage and the relationship between interest rates and bond prices track unpaid bills is important for small business and freelancers. All QuickBooks Online versions have invoicing features but some have more advanced features, like the ability to create recurring invoices.

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