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After completing an inpatient program, you may benefit from step-down care in the form of an outpatient program. While attending outpatient treatment, you can live at home and return to work or school while continuing to build upon the skills you learned in rehab. Some patients may have a hard time holding on to a job or keeping their friends around. Others may have declining physical and mental health or have their entire day revolve around drinking alcohol. So, while the debate over what words and definitions to use for addiction goes on, we must be practical in our thinking about providing effective treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction.

Many people require additional support through sober living, support groups and medication to maintain their sobriety. Alcohol recovery is a lifelong process that requires dedication and a strong support network. While relapse is common during recovery, people who are committed to the process ultimately enjoy improved health and well-being. The longer you drank uncontrollably, the more damage alcohol did to vital systems and organs.

And Beyond: Embracing Change In Your Journey

Working with your Care Team will ensure your decisions are personalized and informed, and that you have resources at your fingertips whenever you need them. Moreover, if you’re taking naltrexone as part of your treatment program, it’s possible that you feel nausea in the early days of your prescription. While naltrexone is generally well tolerated, nausea and headaches are the most common side effects. You can check in with your physician about side effect management, and if possible, look to manage side effects for several weeks to experience the positive effects and weigh the side effects and benefits. Some individuals may still experience impulsive behaviors and make risky decisions after they have stopped drinking. These people are known as dry drunks in recovery groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

blood thinners and alcohol

S. National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 75 percent of people addicted to alcohol or drugs recover—their condition improves and substance use no longer dominates their life. It is often a long and bumpy path, and relapse is nearly inevitable—but that doesn’t spell the end of recovery. At this stage, the focus will shift from alcoholism to other, more important underlying issues, such as low self-esteem, trauma, feelings of guilt or shame, and relationship problems. A very high rate of alcohol abuse occurs among people who have survived sexual or physical abuse.

The Preparation Stage

A person in this stage will be discovering freedoms in their new life that they may have never thought they could experience. They’ll likely still feel the temptation to drink, but they’ll be focused on their goal. After all, alcohol recovery isn’t about abstaining from a substance — it’s about changing your whole life. Remember that alcohol use disorder is a medical condition, with a medical solution. Seeking online alcohol treatment is an act of self-care, and something to be proud of.

  • When you reach this second stage, according to the transtheoretical model, you are getting ready to make a significant change in your life.
  • However, recovery from alcoholism is not always clear to the general public and researchers developing policies about abuse and addiction.
  • The medical community considers it to be more of a chronic illness than a terminal one.
  • First, you may have had baseline anxiety that you were previously using alcohol to manage.

Whether you are personally experiencing dependency, or you love someone who is, it is important to remember that recovery is often not a linear journey. It is very common to linger for a while at one stage, shift back and forth between stages, or to relapse and begin the process again. It is important to manage your expectations about the speed at which recovery will occur, giving yourself or your loved one the time they need to fully integrate into each stage. Accepting this and developing a community of support to encourage and guide recovery are key elements of making it ultimately successful and sustainable. Overcoming an alcohol addiction is a steady, step-by-step process. Giving yourself time at each stage – and understanding that recovery may have some setbacks – can help you have realistic, productive expectations about how you’ll beat a dependency.

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This may not feel comfortable at first, but that discomfort is normal and helpful. While the 12 steps in use today are based on the same ideas written by the founders of AA in the 1930s, the understanding of the term “God” has since broadened to refer to any “higher power” that a person believes in. Twelve-Step meetings are considered the “fellowship” part of the AA mutual support groups, where people come together and share their experiences. The Twelve Steps themselves are the essence of Alcoholics Anonymous. They are the directions meant to provide members a path to lasting sobriety and a substance-free lifestyle. A survey of over 500 British antidepressant users found that most experienced severe withdrawal effects when they tried to stop, yet few received any help to come off safely.

  • It is important to note that withdrawal can be deadly for some individuals if it is not monitored by a doctor.
  • They will likely be defensive about their alcohol use and may even deny that it’s beyond their control.

Shift perspective to see relapse and other “failures” as opportunities to learn. • Empowerment—finding the wherewithal to cope with recovery and the challenges of life, which breeds a sense of self-efficacy. • Hope and optimism—nurturing belief in oneself, belief in one’s ability to persevere even through setbacks, and developing a future orientation. The prospect of change engages people in an inner dialogue about hope, disappointment, and accountability.

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