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These methods can help individuals maintain their spiritual well-being and offer a pathway towards inner peace and harmony. Unless, we let Go and Let God and ask God to remove these negative emotions/sins/defects of character we end up in a futile increasingly distressed spiral of negative emotions. I can manage my spiritual malady or emotional dysfunction, I have the tools to do so. In Grace we can still experience negative emotions but God allows us to see them for what they are and not react.

  • Although spiritual awakenings are often part of the recovery process, obviously they are far from unique to people in recovery.
  • We may carry the sense that we’re like the living dead, dragging ourselves through an existence that leaves us feeling nothing but pain, disappointment, and sorrow.

His struggle https://ecosoberhouse.com/ definition reminds us that we may face spiritual malady despite our professional success or achievements. Our emotional response to criticism, stress, trauma, and grief can build up negative emotions and lead to spiritual malady. You may suspect that you have a spiritual malady if you are struggling with feelings of discontentment, disconnection from others, or a sense of purposelessness in life. Seeking guidance from a spiritual advisor or therapist can help you determine if you are experiencing a spiritual malady and how to overcome it. In addition to the above-mentioned practices, exploring one’s creative side, cultivating positive relationships, and living a balanced lifestyle can enhance spiritual growth.

The Spiritual Malady

Through prayer, we tap into the ancient practice of communing with something deeper within us. Even if you feel nothing at first, prayer helps you to access a glimmer of hope, a hint of light on the horizon. Prayer is also a way of reaching out for help and guidance, which is an act of self-love and healing in and of itself. Alternatively, if you feel suicidal, please reach out for support. There are so many skilled, caring, and compassionate people out there ready to help.

But seriously, that’s the kind of deep relationships you can build here in CR; as deep as family. If you’re not ready to talk to friends or family members, reach out to a support group or supportive person. There are many support groups/people online and you might also find a few locally.

Signs You Might Be Experiencing Complicated Grief

On the other hand, those that enter the Dark Night who have no previous experience with complex grief see all their hope, freedom, and happiness bound-up in the Divine. If you can relate to these feelings, you might be experiencing soul loss, which is what inevitably leads to something known as the Dark Night of the Soul. The Dark Night is what happens when we feel totally disconnected and cut off from the Divine. Life may feel hopeless, desolate, and totally void of meaning. We may carry the sense that we’re like the living dead, dragging ourselves through an existence that leaves us feeling nothing but pain, disappointment, and sorrow.

After a period of abstinence, the substance is physically worked out of the body. I really like the analogy that the physical part of our disease is an “allergy of the body”. Because its exactly like allergies; For example, some people can rub their face in a cat’s fur and it doesn’t bother them a bit. (Although I’m not sure who would ever want to do that!)  But for me, I’m allergic to cats and if I did that I’d be in a world of hurt. Same thing with alcohol; some people can have a couple beers, no problem.

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