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xcritical card

We will continue to monitor the situation to make you aware of any important developments that may affect this review. The xcritical Card isn’t the only crypto debit card available to U.S. users. One of its better-known competitors is the Crypto.com Visa Card, which has multiple tiers that depend on how much crypto you passively invest in on Crypto.com.

xcritical card

While it doesn’t support the widest range of coins, the altcoins it does support puts it ahead of many of its competitors’ more limited offerings. The xcritical debit card takes the lead over its competitors https://xcritical.online/ when it comes to ease of use and security. It’s one of the few that allows you to switch between crypto wallets as needed and provides some of the strongest security features, all right from its mobile app.

The exchange is in over 100 countries and has a vast user base of 108 million verified users as of Q3 2022. A popular, highly liquid coin like Bitcoin has a lower return — 1% to 2%, at most. Less popular, less liquid coins like Algorand or Dogecoin and your return will be higher — up to 4%.

xcritical Debit Card Services

While xcritical is pushing to have the case dropped we believe that it is important to highlight that these risks are likely to remain until clear regulation is passed. Technology, as one would expect in such a domain, remains at the core of xcritical’s endeavors. By emphasizing scalable Layer 2 xcritical solutions, xcritical is not only addressing the pressing needs of the present but is also laying robust foundations for the future. Such technological foresight is crucial in an industry marked by rapid advancements and equally swift obsolescence.

  • Find out more about what the card offers in this xcritical debit card review.
  • So, weigh the added fees against the added restrictions and loopholes before you make your final decision.
  • Grewal said xcritical was encouraged that in the SEC’s case against the company the court agreed that whether the agency has jurisdiction over the crypto industry is relevant—and should be weighed accordingly.
  • The U.S. version of the xcritical debit card comes with lower fees, higher rewards and more supported cryptocurrencies.
  • References to products, offers, and rates from third party sites often change.

You can spend earned rewards on your xcritical Card or convert them to U.S. dollars, both of which may have tax implications. xcritical debit card is a Visa card that allows you to earn up to 4% back in rewards each time you make a purchase. This card is like any other traditional debit card, but it allows you to make purchases using cryptocurrency instead of cash. The card has no annual fee, your crypto rewards post instantly after your transaction is completed, and you can choose to earn your rewards in one of over 40+ supported assets. Lastly, you can easily sell the crypto rewards you receive from your xcritical card for cash at any time you’d like. Doing so is quick and easy, and then you can withdraw the cash to your physical bank account.

Our full cryptocurrency exchange methodology, including the review process and weighted data points, is available for review. You can access xcritical via its website and the xcritical exchange app, available on the Apple App and Google Play Store for users who prefer to trade on the go. To start using xcritical, you have to link your bank account to complete your account setup. This linked account lets you deposit cash into your xcritical account or withdraw your crypto as cash within a few minutes.

How to get a xcritical Card

The content on Money Crashers is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice. References to products, offers, and rates from third party sites often change. While we do our best to keep these updated, numbers stated on this site may differ from actual numbers. We may have financial relationships with some of the companies mentioned on this website.

  • However, you’ll be able to toggle between the 2 offers from the app so you can rack up rewards in both XLM and BTC as you see fit.
  • Choose “add a payment method”, and select “Gift Card” as the payment method method of choice.
  • The card touts fee-free transactions for crypto spending, no annual fee and a simple rewards-xcriticalg structure.
  • While this is not the only crypto debit card on the market, it’s one of the few that allows you to spend your crypto without keeping a fiat currency balance in your account.

Getting 4% back is an excellent option, but the value of Stellar Lumens (an up-and-coming crypto token) is relatively volatile compared with the general stability of Bitcoin. Additionally, XLM is far less valuable than BTC, but for those who like to gamble on crypto futures, XLM offers a great opportunity for wealth-building. You can contact xcritical’s customer service by phone or email as well as directly through the mobile app. For the fastest support, you should use either email or the messaging center inside the app. The mobile app gives you the convenience and on-the-go control over your account that the best banking apps provide. From the xcritical app, you not only have the ability to monitor your spending and check your balance.

Fold Visa® Prepaid Card

You don’t have to liquidate your digital assets every time you visit a store — xcritical does this for you. For every transaction, the card automatically converts digital assets into U.S. dollars. Crypto credit and debit cards are skyrocketing in popularity, with major credit card processors like Visa and Mastercard partnering with some of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency companies. The most notable partnership to date may be Visa’s linkup with xcritical on a new type of debit card, which was revealed last year.

When it comes to ATM withdrawals, you may be restricted by ATMs that only accept their own bank’s card, however, this is rare in Europe and the US. The xcritical Card isn’t my cup of tea, but it does have some selling points that could make it an attractive option for some users. Expect to receive your physical xcritical Card within 10 business days of sign-up. Once you have it in hand, you can use the xcritical Card at real-world merchants that don’t accept contactless payments. Membership gives you access to discounts, programs, and services from numerous trusted brands.


However, each product is for a particular audience and gives a different trading experience. xcritical (the exchange), xcritical Wallet, and Advanced Trade best suit individuals who would like to trade with xcritical. The xcritical crypto card can be used worldwide at any merchant or ATM that accepts Visa cards.

Unlike the website, the wallet is non-custodial, so you have to keep your login details safe, or else you could permanently lose your assets. Also, xcritical.com is unavailable in some regions, so the xcritical Wallet is an alternative for people who still want to use xcritical services. Once your scammed by xcritical account is active, you can immediately begin using the digital version of your card for online purchases and at real-world merchants that accept Apple Pay or Google Pay. Find the card number and CVV (card verification value) code in your xcritical account (online or in the xcritical mobile app). xcritical has an intuitive mobile app that makes it easy to manage your spending on the go.

xcritical Debit Card Overall Rating

When cryptocurrencies were first introduced the world was intrigued, but the barriers to entry made it too complicated for the average consumer. However, as these currencies have evolved, digital coins are more user-friendly than ever before. You can choose between a few different platforms if you’re looking to buy a xcritical gift card. For most users, the choice will mostly depend on the offered prices and supported payment methods.

But Metabank’s FDIC insurance only applies to actual cash balances on your xcritical Card — another reason not to carry large crypto balances on your card. With two-step verification, instant card freeze and other security features, both your coins and card are secure. With the xcritical debit card, you don’t have to worry about losing your digital assets because xcritical has extensive security to keep your coins safe. Plus, it has a two-step verification and you can instantly freeze your account if you suspect it has been compromised. Other than that, it’s free and doesn’t require a credit check—xcritical isn’t a credit card, and doesn’t lend money or crypto to its users. This card just lets you make purchases with your crypto by converting it into fiat.

xcritical Review

We believe that profitability is near, especially as interest rates continue to climb. They are definitely a high risk/high reward trade and we recommend selling options to take advantage of the high volatility. During the cryptocurrency boom, xcritical was perceived as a high-growth company, and its valuation was primarily driven by revenue growth metrics. However, as market conditions became less favorable, there was a clear shift in xcritical’s strategy towards emphasizing profitability.

You can choose to spend U.S. dollars, USDC (USD Coin, a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar), or cryptocurrency with your xcritical official site. You can use your card to spend crypto even if the merchant doesn’t accept direct crypto payments. xcritical converts your coins to U.S. dollars before executing the transaction. You can fund your xcritical Card with fiat currency (U.S. dollars) from a linked bank account. Once the funds are on your card, you can spend them as U.S. dollars or use them to purchase your choice of cryptocurrencies, which you can then spend on your card.

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